Premium : Business Presentation Skills in PowerPoint Bootcamp

Master how to create a professional Business Presentation with a McKinsey Expert | Annual unlimited access to Live Practice Sessions + Recorded course

Skills You Will Master:

  • Create meeting presentations in PowerPoint
  • Present insights and data logically
  • Synthesizing key messages on slides
  • Story-telling using PowerPoint presentations
  • Presentation design techniques
  • Client facing communication skills
  • Develop powerful executive summary
  • Build a real world presentation from scratch

Program Requirements:

  • None. Everything is taught from scratch
  • Designed especially for busy professionals

The Best Way to Build Expertise is To Practice Regularly. We Help You Do That.

Your Expert : McKinsey | BlackRock | 10 years

Ashish Agarwal
Ashish Agarwal

Ashish is a Business and Finance Expert with around 10 years of experience in this domain. Previously, he has worked with BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company, as a Vice President in the Financial Markets Advisory (FMA) team. Prior to that, he worked at McKinsey in the Strategy and Corporate Finance practice. He is also the founder of the website which creates online programs in Business, Finance and Data Analysis topics. At Skillfin Learning, we believe we can change the way we adults learn.

Ashish Kumar Agarwal

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What will you learn in this program?

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"I loved the course. There was so much information and I learned so much. I might say that I learned more from this course then any other I've ever taken. The instructor was very knowledgeable and I did have to ask a few questions and received very quick response. I feel so proud of the PowerPoint deck we designed. It was a long course, took me much longer than the time the description said but maybe I'm a slow learner. There are some tips I have already forgotten, so I might have to go through again and glean those out."

- Christina Delaney, Environmental scientist

"The course was very good in terms of the details covered. They could avoid repeating some steps to save time but overall good details.."

- Larkland Morley, Professional

"Amazing. Very well informed and knowledgeable tutor. Would recommend this course, "

- Imtiyaz Ali, Corporate Trainer

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Few questions you may have

In this program, we ensure that you achieve the desired learning outcome you expect from the training . We have designed it in such a way as to provide you the effectiveness of a direct 1 on 1 coaching from an expert instructor along-with the convenience of online. The Assisted Learning approach ensures you complete the full training as per your customised learning plan tailored to fit your busy life. You have complete flexibility to choose when you would take the training at your own schedule.

We provide you access to both Recorded Videos as well as Live Interactive Sessions with the Instructor. We provide direct support to each of our students and also evaluate the assignments with individual feedback. We will also assign a Personal Mentor to you who will provide guidance, motivation and support to help you complete the training. As you take this program, you will notice we provide a very personalized learning experience to each individual participant. You can also discuss and collaborate with other participants directly through our discussion board in every lecture.

This is an Annual Subscription program where you have access to the Videos + Live Interactive Sessions for 1 year. On an average, most of our participants finish watching videos and submit assignments in 3-4 weeks investing approximately 2-3 hours per week. Once you finish the program, we will provide you with a Certificate of Completion which you can showcase to your professional network through LinkedIn.

Though the course will not disappoint you but first 14 days will help you understand our assisted learning approach, course curriculum, and the instructor's expertise. If you are not satisfied with this online powerpoint course, then contact our team within 14 days of admission. We will refund your money without any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions on this Topic

How can I learn PowerPoint Training Courses?
You can learn the complete Business presentation skills in PowerPoint in this online course. We will teach you how to create a complete business presentation in PowerPoint from scratch using a real-life project case study that you will need to do along with the instructor. It will be a hands-on online training that will ensure you learn the PowerPoint skills directly from our expert instructor from McKinsey.
What are the online PowerPoint Classes Near Me?
Well, this course is completely online. So it is as near to you like your phone, tablet or laptop. You can log in from anywhere anytime to undertake this program at your own convenience. You have complete flexibility to take the PowerPoint classes whenever you want to.
How much does PowerPoint Training Online course cost?
This course The Business Presentation Skills Training (BPST) with PowerPoint is currently available for INR 2,999 / USD 49 only which is at a super 50% discount to the original cost of the training program.
How many hours do I need to take PowerPoint Classes daily?
Typically, if you spend 20-30 mins daily on this program, you should be easily able to complete the same in under 3-4 weeks. While the video duration of the program is around 6 hours, but you need to allow yourself time to undertake the case study at your end along with the instructor. Since it is practice-based learning, spending 2-3 hours per week would be ideal for maximum learning.
When can I take a PowerPoint Training?
Since this program is completely online, you can take the training anytime anywhere. As we have seen with our current participants, most of them take the program either after office hours in the evening or during the weekend when they have more time at hand. But you may feel free to choose anytime that works better for you since you have unlimited access to the program once you enroll.
Is Online Microsoft PowerPoint Course worth it?
Yes, definitely you will thoroughly enjoy the program as has been vouched by thousands of participants who have enrolled in this PowerPoint online course. In case, you do not like the training, we will be happy to provide a full refund to you within 30 days of your joining. No questions asked.
How can I learn PowerPoint Course Online fast?
This program has been designed to impart you the Presentation skills in PowerPoint in a relatively quick time. So, as you will see in the program, we take you through a real-life meeting presentation document from scratch with all the hand-holding required to do the PowerPoint on your own along with the instructor. Our approach ensures that we teach you the right skills in the shortest time. There are no unnecessary theoretical aspects taught in the course so there is a lot of time saved for you from our end.
How do I learn Business Presentation Skills Training in PowerPoint Course?
We will teach you how to create a Business Presentation in PowerPoint in this training program. This involves creating presentation slides, synthesizing the key messages on the slide, story-telling as well as designing the slides for enhanced viewing experience. All of this is taught step by step so that you learn the necessary Business Presentation skills in PowerPoint.